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Sitting on Saturn Book CoverMy latest book, Sitting on Saturn, is about two young adults who search for magic in their neighborhood and struggle with their changing relationship to each other–moving their childhood friendship into romance. Here’s an excerpt:

Teddie let herself in Emerson’s back door, slipped through the kitchen, and quietly went up the stairs. She stood next to his bed watching him sleep for a moment. He looked like he did when they were kids, messy haired and bashful. Outside the front window, Teddie could see the deep blue dawn approaching. When the first ray of sunlight touched the sky, she noticed a small rainbow shadow on the wall to her left, created by a prism she had left dangling in Emerson’s window months ago. Her presence seemed to rouse him, and he looked at her, half awake, half dreaming.

Nearly whispering, Teddie said, “It’s almost the golden time, Emerson. Let’s go watch the purple.”


“The sunflower house windows.”

“What?” Emerson yawned. “It’s still dark.”

“If you get up now, I’ll show you my wings,” Teddie said coyly. She said this whenever she wanted to get her way. It usually worked.

Emerson smiled sleepily and stretched. Teddie went to the end of the bed, pulled up the blanket and started playing with his bare toes.

“Stop it. That tickles!”

“Oh, but you’re awake now.”



Sitting on Saturn is available as a paperback or Kindle eBook. For ordering information see: Sitting on Saturn




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