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In that small piece of time between our reality and when we start to fade into our dream world, a distortion occurs. Sometimes it’s like a kaleidoscope, colors and sounds merging. Sometimes it’s like looking through a veil, making the world appear gauzy. For introverts it leads to seeing even more deeply inside of yourself. In this space, it appears that Leslie Bear (the woman behind Long Beard) finds the sounds and words that make up her music.

Means to Me Vinyl by Long BeardListen to Means to Me when you’re fading into sleep. Let it draw you into that kaleidoscope or gauze. Or deeper into yourself. The chaotic world will fall away and not touch you while you sleep. You’ll be in a slightly different space, a bit murky perhaps, colorful certainly. Maybe you’ll pull something out of it—a sculpture, a painting, a fairytale. Or turn it into music like Leslie does. You should probably capture the dream in a notebook before it fades away.

If you have anxiety dreams, this is the antidote. If you used to fly in your dreams, you will again. I’m pretty sure Leslie can fly—performing live has to be a lot like flying. Creating this mesmerizing music has to be a lot like dreaming. That’s what it feels like to me anyway.

Even after the album ends, the sounds reverberate like echoes, especially Leslie’s voice, which just seems to hover there, waiting for you to connect with it. And by then you’ll be immersed in your own dream.

Long Beard - Means To Me album cover

Means to Me can be found at Bandcamp and probably your cool local record store.

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Means to Me vinyl close-up
Means to Me album cover


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